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Soap, this small, almost indistinguishable, almost insignificant object that accompanies us silently from early childhood to the last days of our lives; one of those objects that you suddenly remember when it's missing, when suddenly you realize that we can't really do without it even if we didn't pay attention to it, a bit like toilet paper or, more poetically, coffee, which are the backdrop to small domestic dramas. Soap, this little worker, does its job, performs its imperceptible chemical magic every time it is used, regardless of gender, race, color or creed, soap, undeterred, cleans the world. And although we do not want to force poetry where poetry does not necessarily take hold, we believe in the fact that there is poetry, and there is art, wherever one tries to find it; also in the details of daily life that prepare the way for great works and large enterprises.

This small hymn to everyday life of which soap is part, wants to be the introduction to a world in which we want to find simplicity, attention to detail and respect, with the mission of cleaning up the world a little, one soap at a time. We want to use this blog to tell you about us, to tell you about our products, our raw materials, what led us to Olivia Soaps and what we went through to get started; we will talk about soap in its history, in its uses, hoping to dispel some false myths, to resize some concepts but to enhance others that often remain unknown to most. We share what we have learned from books, people, and experience; we talk about how we deal with this business and this sector, and we hope to help bring back the passion for handmade soap that has seen all sorts of things, and to tell all this to the world, as long as there is someone to listen.

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